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Sales is all about communication with the customers. If communication does not exist, we would leave the customers unsatisfied. Car salespeople are ranked at the bottom of the list for top sales, together with insurance salespeople. Wonder why? They are making some common mistakes that you’d never even guess.

Why give salespeople a bad reputation, when we can make sure that we’re doing the right thing, using these 6 tips for better success in the sales department and get more sales in no time.

1. Listen more than you speak


It’s crucial that you don’t talk about you, your product or your services in the first few minutes of the conversation. Try to get to know the customer more, listen to his needs and expectations and then offer him a suitable solution, as a friend. Try to connect with him on a friendly level, so he would have trust in you to give you the money for the product or service that you’re selling.


2. Don’t offer your product, but present it


I know it sounds confusing, but I will explain it to you. It’s all about human nature and psychology. When a person can sense the act of sales, they go step backwards and stand in a defensive position, not willing to give their money. So instead of telling them to buy your product, let them realise on their own how good it really is.

3. Get to know your customers


Make friends with your customers. Ask them what product they’re using now. Is it expensive, it is fast, is it complicated to use etc. When they tell you what they are using now and what they prefer, you can offer them a solution based on your needs. A great solution that they won’t be able to resist.


4. Your way of speaking matters


Forget about the script you have, or about the low pitched voice and formal language. Talk to your customer like he’s your friend, and treat them as if you’re having a coffee with them and chatting. Explain your product and ask questions in a friendly way, and as soon as you get their confidence, you can sell whatever comes to your mind.

5. Sense your customer’s mood


Most of the times, salespeople are more concentrated on what they should ask next, and forget about the customer’s mood and feelings. If you see your customer sad or agitated, ask them if they would like to talk another time. People appreciate when other people care about them.

6. Short Answers Are The Key To Business Success


The customer will ask you questions too. Don’t talk too much on the subject. Answer briefly and stick to the subject itself. Remember – this is not about you – it’s about the customers. Don’t make a seminar out of it – stick to the key points and say only the things that you believe would be relevant to your customer.

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