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Whoever said communication is not important when working in the sales sector, was definitely wrong. In fact, we believe that communication is the most important factor, regarding sales. Communication will bring you customers, or push them away from your company.
There are thousands of ways on how to improve your sales performance, like we mentioned in our previous post. Today we’ll focus on the communication skills, as the most important feature regarding your sales skills.




   Use the mirror


Use the mirror, for you and and for the others. Talk in front of the mirror and observe how you look. Maybe even use your camera and film yourself. Find out what it is that you don’t like, and try to do it differently. It might be your body language, or the eye contact with the camera, or the way you say things. Practise as long as you think it’s enough and as long as you like the result.



Listening is a powerful communication skill. People usually talk more than they listen. Always remember that the customer has their own opinion on things, and sometimes it’s very smart to listen what they have to say and use it in your advantage.






Toastmasters is an organisation that can help you develop in public speaking. If you are struggling to communicate and to talk with a huge audience, don’t wait no more. Find a club that is closest to you, join the group and see your transformation.

   Be aware of your gestures


Sometimes you may not be aware of your gestures, but the people you want to sell too certainly are. Be aware of the gestures you make and the body language, and everything will be okay.




   Personal communication


Try to connect with your customers on personal level. Maybe try and send them a personalised email instead the automatic one. Why not send some cards out for Christmas? Make a small thing for them that will make you stand out from all the other people and show that you really care.

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