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When it comes to B2B sales, we have always thought that customers care about price and product the most. But in reality all they want is great sales experience. That means building long-lasting relationships with our customers, understanding their needs and wishes and helping them succeed while selling our products. 


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  • Analyse and track the results of your B2B sales 


Someone once said: ”You can’t improve what you can’t measure!”. Spend some time and try to understand your sales process. Make sure you develop metrics for everything. When you dig deeper into the process, you’ll see there’s much to be improved.


  • Using a LinkedIn profile 


Social media are quite an important feature, when it comes to showing your business to other businesses. However, managers don’t spend much time on Facebook and Twitter to search for new opportunities. That’s when it’s your time to step up on a professional level, and LinkedIn is the best solution to it. Contacting a manager with your LinkedIn profile will give a professional shade to you business, and it will lead to a brand new start to long-lasting relationships and a lot of B2B sales.


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  • Customers are people too


B2B sales is making a sale with businesses. That involves convincing the manager to buy a product from your company. There is one thing that we usually forget – the manager is a person too. Just like us. If we connect with him and understand what he needs exactly, we could easily make B2B sales. Find out about the customer’s weaknesses and use them to sell your product. Make sure you let them know that they need you, and your convincing will be done at that exact moment.


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  • Objection book to the rescue


When it comes to B2B sales, it’s a lot more difficult than making a sale to a customer. You have to be prepared for what comes, and managers won’t beg for your product right away. Our task is to find out what objections they might have and why they are having struggles with their decision. When they make an objection, write it down in a book, and find results for it after. Make questions and answer them. When the next manager comes, you’ll be ready to reassure them that this product is the right one for their company.


  • Maintaining the reputation


Reputation is the key factor to making B2B sales. Reputation is what your customers think about your company and the respect you have gained over the years. It is easy to build a reputation at the beginning, since you try hard to make your customers happy. The hardest thing comes after – when you have to make sure you keep your reputation on the same level. That means more work and an excellent customer service. A great social media coverage and happy customer reviews. It means long-lasting relationships with customers and a lot of successful B2B sales behind you. Here’s what Harvard University thinks about reputation and its risks.




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