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As sales partners, we all encounter with competition everywhere. There are millions of products similar to the one we sell everyday, and the only way to success , or rather survive in the sales market is to improve your sales.


improve your sales


  • Start from yourself


You need to think about you, and what you do best. What type of product you’d sell best, or what is your niche? How much people are willing to pay for the product, and why would you be the best choice to sell it to them. Think about your mission. Why do you want to do this?


  • Customer’s needs


Customers usually buy the things they need. So you need to focus not on what they need, but how to convince them that they actually need you product. Make them eager to have the product and you’ll see how easier it will be for you.


  • Mission split into goals


You have a mission – to sell a certain product. Now split that big mission into thousands of smaller goals (calls per day, weekly sales, gained clients per month etc.) and focus equally on every single goal. Don’t forget to measure the goals and come back to the results every day, week and month, to see how your progress is going.


improve your sales


  • Customers are people too


In order to sell, you must carefully think about the questions you’re about to ask and listen carefully to the answers that the customer will give to you. The whole secret is understanding what the customer really wants, and providing them the best service because we listened.


  • Work on your public speaking skills


Most people have this huge fear of public speaking. When you stand higher than everyone in the room, and all eyes are focused on you, and you start to sweat. You need to overcome that in order to improve your sales skills. When you’re comfortable with speaking to a crowd, you’ll be ruling the one on one calls and meetings.


  • Management is extremely important


Time and task management are key points into improvement of your sales skills. They won’t pay off immediately, but they will certainly help you be more efficient. When you manage your time appropriately, you’ll have more meetings, more clients, more sales.


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