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Leadership or Teamwork? During interviews for jobs, we are often asked the most common question:

Are you a leader or a team player?

What would you answer? It’s a tough decision, but at the end of the day, a single person can have both of the skills at the same time, and we’ll tell how that’s possible.






Leadership skills are one of the most appreciated skills in the business community. You are dedicated to your job, passionate, inspirational and respected in the workplace. That would describe you as a leader. You’re always there to help your colleagues and give them advice. Maybe you are the first to welcome the new employees and give them tips about the workplace. You probably finish your tasks on time and are always here to help others. Your colleagues see you as an optimist and you inspire people with your positive mind. With excellent leadership skills a lot of people respect you and admire you.






Being a team player


A team player is the one that is dedicated to the team. Giving ideas and suggestions and helping everyone in the process as a team. Every single member of the team is equally important and their effort results in a job being done well. A team player will always come and help you, and offer you suggestions on improvement, even stay in the office later to help you finish your project.




Why not be both?


Yes, exactly! Why can’t a leader be a team player too? Or a team player to be a leader? In a successful organisation we need people that can have great leadership skills and be team players at the same time. We all have it in us, it’s just a matter of experience and training. A leader can always help the team and focus on the goal of the company and a team player can always stand up in front of people and say their opinion. There are millions of ways to upgrade yourself to be a better team player and a better leader.

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