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Winning an online interview is much harder than the usual interview, where you meet a recruiter directly. In an online interview, you’ll be able to present only 50% of the qualities you have, body language, clothes choice etc. While that makes things harder for you to grab the recruiter’s attention, we’ll give you some tips on how to rock your online interview, and let the recruiter know you have all they’re looking for.


Preparing for the online interview


  • Be aware of the background


    Make sure you find the perfect spot in your house, a corner of your room that is bright and clean enough and peaceful and quiet environment. You don’t want your recruiter to see your messy room, right?



  • Clothes are still important


    Spend a few more minutes when deciding what to wear for your interview. After all, first impression DOES matter, and you want to look professional. Choose clothes that will show your recruiter that you are a serious person, dedicated to your work. Don’t forget about the pants too. What happens if you need to stand up and grab some document or a pen. Here are some tips on how to dress for your online interview.


  • Test, test, test


    Test your internet connection before you start the interview. Ask a friend to make a call with you. Make a test interview too, where the friend will ask you the most common questions. Save the video and review it. It will matter. It always does.




  • No distractions allowed


    Before the online interview, make sure all your apps are closed, the volume of your mobile phone is on silent and nothing will distract you during the interview. There’s nothing more unprofessional than your phone ringing while you have the interview.


During the online interview


  • Speak up


    Sometimes during bad internet connection, we have to speak up to make sure we are heard properly. When the interview starts, you’ll adjust and you’ll see for yourself how loud and clear you need to speak, but make sure that you don’t mumble. Be loud enough and clear.


  • Take notes


    Have a notepad and pen beside you and take notes of the most important things. However, try to spend more time looking at the camera. Otherwise, the recruiters would think you’re not interested.


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