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In a world where we do sales, it can be quite busy and crowded. Sometimes we need a little bit of help, and these tools will do exactly that – they will help you organise your time and accounts, provide you some marketing methods and new sales solutions to boost your sales in no time. These are tools that will suit you perfectly as a sales person.


IFTTT is a time-saving softwarre. It can connect all your social media accounts and share posts on your behalf. You can make actions and automate them with any software that exists on this platform. It’s a great software if used wisely. I’d reccomend it to anyone, especially to the people in the sales world.




If you are struggling with keeping an eye to all the contacts, curent and potential customers, this is the software for you. Contactually with make sure to integrate your email addresses, contacts and social media to one place and give you details about every single contact you have. The templates that allow you bulk emailing are a huge advanatage too.


Salesforce is the most efficient CRM software that you can get. With Salesforce you can easily manage all of your customers and also the new leads you get, the log details from meetings and you also have the ability to schedule new meetings with clients.


Perfect software to keep all your notes and thoughts on one place. Evernote can save all your information, and you can find it so easily, it’s just unbelievable. Pictures and audio notes can also be added, so you don’t even have to worry about typing anymore.




Xceleration is a perfect motivational solution for the sales people. It helps you organise yourself and all your sales process, gives you support and helps you boost your sales in no time.


This is a sales and marketing software built for small businesses, that makes you job easier with organising your schedule. It’s a perfect tool to boost your sales, save you a lot of time and provide you new marketing methods and great sales performance.

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